Ordinary Love 

Ordinary Love  - (2019)

An extraordinary look at the lives of a middle-aged couple in the midst of the wife's breast cancer diagnosis.

Release: 12/06/2019

IMDB: 7.2

Genders: Drama, Romance

Countries: UK

Subtitles: 3

Time: min

Updated: 4 days ago

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White House Farm 

White House Farm  - (2020)

Revolves around the true story of a fateful night in August 1985 when five members of the same family are murdered at an Essex farmhouse, and the ensuing police investigation and court case that follows.

Release: 01/08/2020

IMDB: 7.1

Genders: Crime, Mystery, Biography

Countries: UK

Subtitles: 21

Time: min

Updated: 4 days ago

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Strike Back

Strike Back - (2010)

The actions of 'Section 20', a secretive unit of British military intelligence. A team of special operations personnel conduct several high risk missions throughout the globe.

Release: 05/13/2010

IMDB: 8.3

Genders: Action, Drama, Thriller

Countries: UK

Subtitles: 926

Time: 45 min

Updated: 5 days ago

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Julius Caesar Revealed 

Julius Caesar Revealed  - (2018)

Classicist Mary Beard asks what do we really know about Julius Caesar? She looks at how he became the autocratic ruler of Rome, the tactics of his military campaigns, his use of PR and at the reasons behind his assassination.

Release: 02/12/2018

IMDB: 6.2

Genders: History, Biography, Documentary

Countries: UK

Subtitles: 1

Time: min

Updated: 5 days ago

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Doctor Foster

Doctor Foster - (2015)

A woman suspects her husband of having an affair. After following several lines of enquiries far more unravels including a streak of violence below the surface.

Release: 10/11/2015

IMDB: 7.9

Genders: Drama

Countries: UK

Subtitles: 28

Time: min

Updated: 5 days ago

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Agatha Christie: Poirot

Agatha Christie: Poirot - (2003)

From England to Egypt, accompanied by his elegant and trustworthy sidekicks, the intelligent yet eccentrically-refined Belgian detective Hercule Poirot pits his wits against a collection of first class deceptions.

Release: 10/29/2003

IMDB: 8.6

Genders: Crime, Drama, Mystery

Countries: UK

Subtitles: 580

Time: 100 min

Updated: 5 days ago

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The Hollow Crown

The Hollow Crown - (2012)

A mini-series of adaptations of Shakespeare's history plays: Richard II, Henry IV Parts One and Two, and Henry V.

Release: 07/22/2012

IMDB: 8.5

Genders: Drama, History

Countries: UK

Subtitles: 61

Time: min

Updated: 5 days ago

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A Lonely Place to Die

A Lonely Place to Die - (2011)

A group of mountaineers in the Scottish Highlands discover a kidnapped girl and are pursued by her captors.

Release: 11/02/2011

IMDB: 6.3

Genders: Action, Crime, Adventure

Countries: UK

Subtitles: 83

Time: 99 min

Updated: 5 days ago

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Attenborough and the Sea Dragon (2018)

Attenborough and the Sea Dragon (2018) - (2018)

Sir David Attenborough investigates the discovery of a 200 million year old Ichthyosaur on the Jurassic Coast in southern England.

Release: 01/07/2018

IMDB: 7.1

Genders: Documentary

Countries: UK

Subtitles: 6

Time: 59 min

Updated: 6 days ago

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Sightseers - (2013)

Chris wants to show girlfriend Tina his world, but events soon conspire against the couple and their dream caravan holiday takes a very wrong turn.

Release: 05/10/2013

IMDB: 6.5

Genders: Crime, Adventure, Comedy

Countries: UK

Subtitles: 34

Time: 88 min

Updated: 6 days ago

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