The Wire

The Wire - (2002)

Baltimore drug scene, seen through the eyes of drug dealers and law enforcement.

Release: 08/19/2002

IMDB: 9.4

Genders: Crime, Drama, Thriller

Countries: English, Spanish, Mandarin, Greek

Subtitles: 525

Time: 59 min

Updated: 8 months ago

Arabic Web (8 months ago)

Arabic Web (8 months ago)

Arabic Web (8 months ago)


We Are Astronomers

We Are Astronomers - (2009)

Do you know what an astronomer does? Today's astronomer is not the lone observer of past centuries. We Are Astronomers reveals the global collaboration, technology and dedication required ...

Release: 06/01/2009

IMDB: 9.2

Genders: Documentary, Short

Countries: French, Spanish, English, Greek

Subtitles: 1

Time: min

Updated: 4 years ago

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Corazón salvaje

Corazón salvaje - (2007)

A telenovela that dramatizes the romances and rivalries between two brothers and two sisters in Mexico in the early 1900s.

Release: 06/12/2007

IMDB: 8.9

Genders: Drama, Romance

Countries: Spanish

Subtitles: 1

Time: 30 min

Updated: 4 years ago

English N/A (5 years ago)


Narcos - (2015)

A chronicled look at the criminal exploits of Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar.

Release: 08/29/2015

IMDB: 8.9

Genders: Crime, Drama, Biography

Countries: English, Spanish

Subtitles: 707

Time: 49 min

Updated: 3 months ago

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Dutch Blu-ray (0 seconds ago)

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Fawlty Towers

Fawlty Towers - (1999)

Hotel owner Basil Fawlty's incompetence, short fuse, and arrogance form a combination that ensures accidents and trouble are never far away.

Release: 05/06/1999

IMDB: 8.8

Genders: Comedy

Countries: English, Spanish

Subtitles: 27

Time: 30 min

Updated: 5 months ago

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Arabic Blu-ray (0 seconds ago)

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Eddie Izzard: Dress to Kill

Eddie Izzard: Dress to Kill - (1999)

Executive transvestite Eddie Izzard takes his show to San Francisco to give a brief history of pagan and Christian religions, the building of Stonehenge, the birth of the Church of England ...

Release: 06/13/1999

IMDB: 8.7

Genders: Comedy, Documentary

Countries: English, Spanish, French, German

Subtitles: 4

Time: 115 min

Updated: 4 months ago

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English N/A (0 seconds ago)

Once Upon a Time in the West

Once Upon a Time in the West - (1969)

Epic story of a mysterious stranger with a harmonica who joins forces with a notorious desperado to protect a beautiful widow from a ruthless assassin working for the railroad.

Release: 07/04/1969

IMDB: 8.6

Genders: Western

Countries: English, Spanish, Italian

Subtitles: 114

Time: 175 min

Updated: 6 months ago

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The Prisoner

The Prisoner - (2005)

After resigning, a secret agent is abducted and taken to what looks like an idyllic village, but is really a bizarre prison. His warders demand information. He gives them nothing, but only tries to escape.

Release: 05/10/2005

IMDB: 8.6

Subtitles: 5

Time: 50 min

Updated: 3 months ago

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French Blu-ray (5 years ago)

What Life Took from Me

What Life Took from Me - (2013)

Montserrat Mendoza(Boyer) is a beautiful young woman who's family is in danger of financial ruin. After Montserrat ruins her engagement to her boyfriend, to save their wealth, her conniving...

Release: 12/27/2013

IMDB: 8.5

Genders: Drama, Romance

Countries: Spanish

Subtitles: 12

Time: 42 min

Updated: 3 years ago

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Terriers - (2010)

Ex-cop and recovering alcoholic Hank Dolworth partners with his best friend, former criminal Britt Pollack, in an unlicensed private investigation business.

Release: 10/14/2010

IMDB: 8.5

Genders: Crime, Drama, Mystery

Countries: English, Spanish

Subtitles: 24

Time: min

Updated: one year ago

Farsi/Persian N/A (one year ago)

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Arabic N/A (5 years ago)

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