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The New Gulliver

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Czech The new Gulliver 1935 Novyj Gulliver 2 years ago 1 9KB
English The.New.Gulliver.1935.EN 3 years ago 1 9KB Новый Гулливер / Pioneer Petya Konstantinov as an award for the best young OSVOD member of Artek receives his favorite book - "Gulliver's Travels" by Johnathan Swift. Together with other pioneers who repaired the sailboat Artek with their own hands, he goes on for a walk to the Adalara's islands which are near the summer camp. There during vacation children ask the leader to read them aloud Petya's book. Petya falls asleep while reading and finds himself in the world described in the book.
English N/A 3 years ago 1 9.1KB