Hell Is for Heroes

Hell Is for Heroes - (1962)

Small squad must hold off German attack.

Release: 06/26/1962


Genders: Drama, War

Countries: English, German, Polish

Subtitles: 37

Time: 90 min

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The Tin Drum

The Tin Drum - (1980)

Danzig in the 1920s/1930s. Oskar Matzerath, son of a local dealer, is a most unusual boy. Equipped with full intellect right from his birth he decides at his third birthday not to grow up ...

Release: 04/11/1980

IMDB: 7.6

Genders: Drama, War

Countries: Italian, Russian, German, Polish, Latin, Hebrew

Subtitles: 58

Time: 142 min

Updated: 2 days ago

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Spanish Blu-ray (5 months ago)

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Znaki  - (2018)

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Release: 10/10/2018

IMDB: 6.6

Genders: Thriller, Crime

Countries: Polish

Subtitles: 7

Time: min

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365 Days 

365 Days  - (2020)

Massimo is a member of the Sicilian Mafia family and Laura is a sales director. She does not expect that on a trip to Sicily trying to save her relationship, Massimo will kidnap her and give her 365 days to fall in love with him.

Release: 02/07/2020

IMDB: 3.7

Genders: Romance, Drama

Countries: English, Italian, Polish

Subtitles: 64

Time: min

Updated: 6 days ago

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Partisan  - (2020)

Set in the idyllic surroundings of Jordnära, a gated community that runs a very successful organic farm. A man takes a job offer, soon learning about their unorthodox rules and routines.

Release: 08/16/2020

IMDB: 6.8

Genders: Thriller, Drama, Crime

Countries: English, Swedish, Polish

Subtitles: 18

Time: min

Updated: 10 days ago

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Lilya 4-Ever

Lilya 4-Ever - (2002)

Sixteen-year-old Lilja and her only friend, the young boy Volodja, live in Estonia, fantasizing about a better life. One day, Lilja falls in love with Andrej, who is going to Sweden, and invites Lilja to come along and start a new life.

Release: 08/23/2002

IMDB: 7.9

Genders: Crime, Drama

Countries: English, Russian, Polish, Swedish

Subtitles: 38

Time: 109 min

Updated: 15 days ago

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Europa Europa

Europa Europa - (1990)

A boy in Nazi Germany, trying to conceal that he is Jewish, joins the Hitler Youth.

Release: 11/14/1990

IMDB: 7.7

Genders: Drama, War, History

Countries: Russian, German, Hebrew, Polish

Subtitles: 35

Time: 112 min

Updated: 16 days ago

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Vietnamese Blu-ray (0 seconds ago)

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Love Stories 

Love Stories  - (1997)

Four stories of love: yearned-for, betrayed, found. In the confessional, a priest is confronted for the first time by his eleven-year-old daughter (and seeks advice from his mother); a ...

Release: 09/08/1997


Genders: Romance, Comedy

Countries: Polish

Subtitles: 1

Time: min

Updated: 20 days ago

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Kapò - (1960)

A young Jewish girl leads an escape attempt from a concentration camp.

Release: 09/29/1960

IMDB: 7.8

Genders: Drama, War, History

Countries: Russian, German, Italian, Polish

Subtitles: 16

Time: 116 min

Updated: 21 days ago

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Behind the Blue Door 

Behind the Blue Door  - (2016)

After a serious car accident, Lukasz discovers that the blue door in his new room leads to alternate reality.

Release: 11/04/2016

IMDB: 6.4

Genders: Adventure, Family, Fantasy

Countries: German, Polish

Subtitles: 8

Time: min

Updated: 21 days ago

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