Mutant Planet

Mutant Planet - (2012)

Extraordinary show that reveals how forces of nature through sheer power of evolution shaped life in all it's unexpected and glorious forms, and filled our planet with amazing diversity of animals and plants.

Release: 02/11/2012

IMDB: 8.5

Genders: Documentary

Countries: France, New Zealand, Japan, USA

Subtitles: 2

Time: min

Updated: 3 years ago

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Mass Effect: Paragon Lost

Mass Effect: Paragon Lost - (2012)

Set before Mass Effect 3, James Vega and a group of soldiers try to protect a human colony from the Collectors, who wish to capture the colonists for unknown purposes.

Release: 12/28/2012

IMDB: 5.9

Genders: Action, Sci-Fi, Animation

Countries: USA, Canada, Japan, South Korea

Subtitles: 15

Time: 84 min

Updated: 4 years ago

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The Touch

The Touch - (2003)

A sister and brother, the last heirs of a family of acrobats, are called upon by a Buddhist monk sect to retrieve an artifact that their ancestors have protected throughout the ages.

Release: 03/01/2003

IMDB: 4.6

Genders: Action, Adventure, Romance

Countries: Hong Kong, China, Japan, Taiwan

Subtitles: 4

Time: 103 min

Updated: 4 years ago

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Supervolcano - (2005)

A volcano in Yellowstone Park suddenly erupts.

Release: 04/10/2005

IMDB: 6.9

Genders: Action, Drama, Thriller

Countries: USA, UK, Italy, Germany, Japan

Subtitles: 3

Time: 120 min

Updated: 4 years ago

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Red Cliff II

Red Cliff II - (2009)

In this sequel to Red Cliff, Chancellor Cao Cao convinces Emperor Xian of the Han to initiate a battle against the two Kingdoms of Shu and Wu, who have become allied forces, against all ...

Release: 11/20/2009

IMDB: 7.6

Subtitles: 102

Time: 142 min

Updated: 5 days ago

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You, the Living

You, the Living - (2007)

You, the Living is a film about humankind, its greatness and its baseness, joy and sorrow, its self-confidence and anxiety, its desire to love and be loved.

Release: 09/21/2007

IMDB: 7.5

Genders: Drama, Comedy, Music

Countries: Germany, France, Japan, Denmark, Sweden, Norway

Subtitles: 19

Time: 95 min

Updated: 23 days ago

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Joyeux Noel

Joyeux Noel - (2005)

In December 1914, an unofficial Christmas truce on the Western Front allows soldiers from opposing sides of the First World War to gain insight into each other's way of life.

Release: 11/09/2005

IMDB: 7.8

Genders: Drama, History, Music

Countries: UK, Germany, France, Japan, Norway, Belgium, Romania

Subtitles: 64

Time: 116 min

Updated: 3 months ago

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A Better Tomorrow

A Better Tomorrow - (2010)

Arms trafficker Hyuk and Young-chun are practically brothers and nothing can separate them. When the two managed to escape from North Korea, they left behind Hyuk's younger brother Chul. ...

Release: 09/16/2010

IMDB: 5.9

Genders: Action, Drama

Countries: Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Thailand

Subtitles: 22

Time: 124 min

Updated: 4 months ago

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Red Cliff

Red Cliff - (2009)

The first chapter of a two-part story centered on a battle fought in China's Three Kingdoms period (220-280 A.D.).

Release: 12/04/2009

IMDB: 7.4

Subtitles: 95

Time: 148 min

Updated: 7 months ago

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Battle of the Warriors

Battle of the Warriors - (2006)

Story centers on a battle during China's Warring States Period, a series of civil wars, which spanned from the 5th to the 3rd century B.C. Based on a popular Japanese manga, which was in turn based a Japanese novel inspired by Warring States history in China.

Release: 11/23/2006

IMDB: 6.8

Genders: Action, Drama, War

Countries: Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, China

Subtitles: 27

Time: 133 min

Updated: 8 months ago

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